Hotel Playa in Viareggio

A three star Hotel in Viareggio, 50 mt from the seaside Hotel in Versilia, facing the sea


Surrounding Area


Pisa is one of the first municipalities arose in Italy, and is only 23 kilometers from Viareggio.
This important town in Toscana is near the mouth of the rivers Arno and Auser, the latter now disappeared.
Pisa is one of the capitals of the region, a lot of information about the birth of this city suggest quite clearly that Pisa based its economy on maritime trade with populations such as Greeks, Phoenicians and Gauls since the mid-sixth century BC.
Thanks to the maritime trade and shipbuilding Pisa became one of the most important Maritime Republics with Amalfi, Genoa and Venice.
Pisa is full of culture and art, in fact many students come from all over Italy to attend the many renowned universities that it offers.
Surely the visitors of this charming town will be enchanted by the towers and churches in the well-known Roman-style, by the streets and districs such as 'Borgo Stretto' with its fine designer shops, the 'Palazzo Medici', the 'Palazzo Gambacorti' that houses the town council, the Tower of Hunger tied to the story of Count Ugolino della Gherardesca told by Dante in the Divine Comedy, and of course 'Piazza dei Miracoli' with the Duomo, the Baptistery, the Monumental Cemetery and the Leaning Tower that is definitely the symbol and pride of the whole city.


Florence stands out not only for the attendance of millions of tourists every year but also because of its many attractions and for its amazing architecture. Turns out to be one of the most known and beautiful cities in the world.
Crossed by the river Arno, Florence is full of bridges that allow citizens and visitors to move from one bank to another. The most prestigious is certainly the Ponte Vecchio.
By car you can reach Florence (from Viareggio) in less than an hour, but it is also cheap and convenient to ravel with the public transport services, the train is the first for efficiency.
Florence is the home of culture and art and in this city were born and worked some of the greatest artists in the world.
Many important people were born in the Tuscan capital and through their works made it even more fascinating and beautiful, we highlight some of the most important artists such as Boccaccio, Machiavelli, Galileo Galilei. Florence was made even more attracting by the masterpieces of Giotto, Botticelli, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Donatello.
Walking through the historic center you will be fascinated by its history and you'll see in every street the prestigious past of this noble city, tourists will be fascinated to see the many masterpieces that the city houses as the' Uffizi' gallery or the gallery of the academy were Michelangelo's David is exposed.
We believe that those who arrive in Tuscany should absolutely make a stop in this mythical and fascinating city.

The five lands

The famous Cinque Terre 'Monterosso', 'Vernazza', 'Corniglia', 'Manarola' and 'Riomaggiore' are considered among the main tourist attractions of the 'Riviera', and especially of the coast of La Spezia.
It can be reached by car (about 1 hour from Viareggio), or by boat.
During the tourist season there are many offers to reach the land by boat that can regulary dock in the villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola and Riomaggiore. We also recommend the use of the railway line where, the frequency of trains is high.
The five lands are a "paradise" of nature where almost everything as been kept unspoiled, with a bit of sacrifice to reach on foot the inner lands you can live a breathtaking experience.
How not to highlight the romantic and famous walk between Riomaggiore and Manarola, the tourist trail or hiking path that connects Riomaggiore to Manarola, one of the most famous trails in Italy.
We strongly recommend an excursion to the places mentioned above because those who love this kind of holiday will be struck by the beauty of the places kindled by the uncontamined nature.


The walls of Lucca are little longer than 4 km, they enclose historic center.
They are the true symbol of the city. For the visitor it will be easy to be impressed by the charm of the city, plunging through the narrow streets of one of the oldest and best preserved historic centers in Italy and walking within the famous walls, tasting the local dishes in the many taverns.
Anyone who visits Lucca will be positively surprised by the opportunity to live the different aspects of the old town and its environs surrounded by an urban park enriched by centuries-old trees.
Lucca is also one of the most important art cities in Italy, we recommend Lucca's Cathedral, or the Cathedral of San Martino, which is located in the homonymous square, the Basilica of San Frediano, one of the oldest church in Lucca or San Michele's square, now dominated by the 'Basilica of San Michele', where once stood the Roman forum.
Crossing Piazza S. Frediano and turning right on Via Fillungo, you'll immediately enter in the beautiful oval amphitheater, the square is built on the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheater.
The Guinigi Tower is the most important tower in Lucca, is one of the few remaining within the city and is one of the most iconic landmarks.
While offering its visitors a rich history, the city has decided to open up to new promoting festivals and exhibitions that have gained international visibility. In fact, in addition to traditional antiques market, there are also important modern initiatives , among them the most important are the Lucca Comics & Games , the international festival of comics, and the Lucca Digital Photo Fest, an important festival of photography.


City in Versilia (Tuscany) with little more than twenty-four thousand inhabitants, near the Tyrrhenian coast, in the portion of the plain between the lake and the river Massacciuccoli Frigido at the feet of the Apuan Alps.
The origins of Pietrasanta are found in the Middle Ages, a town that over the years has enhanced and enriched with art, making it currently the most important place in Versilia for the artistic working of marble.
Its artistic possesion is enhanced by works of famous masters of the chisel, artists, who over the years have given even more glory to this city.
No doubt the artistic pride of the city is the romantic and charming 'Piazza Duomo' where you can find the church of San Martino, said Duomo.
Many palaces and monuments are concentrated around 'Piazza del Duomo' of San Martino, as the Praetorian Palace.
Next to the complex of St. Augustine, you can see, instead, 'Palazzo Moroni' that houses the Town Historical and Archaeological Museum Versiliese "Bruno Antonucci".In front of the palace stands the Palazzo Moroni Carli or Panichi, 4th century building.
Botero, world-renowned artist, has become a star of Pietrasanta who lives among the people and the people live with him now that his art has entered the everyday life of the city.
Because of the convenience in reaching Pietrasanta from Viareggio, we recommend to make a visit to this fascinating city.

Torre del Lago Puccini

The charming village of Torre del Lago takes its name from the presence of a tower ('Torre del Turco') located next to the lake Massaciuccoli.
To honor its most famous citizen and musician the village also took on the name of Puccini.
La bohème, Tosca, Madama Butterfly, La Rondine and Il Trittico, most of his works were composed in his manor at Torre del Lago, that today houses a museum.
Giacomo Puccini Lucchese, world-renowned artist found in Torre del Lago the inspiration for his work and a deep love for nature.
In summer, a festival named after the composer Puccini takes place in a charming theater that exploits the peace of the place, where the eternal melodies of the master are played, creating marvelous evenings of opera.

Forte dei Marmi

Attractive city with a strong and prestigious tourist tradition, in fact in the summer months the population of Forte dei Marmi is multiplied, it attracts many artists and actors, tourists from Northern Europe and especially from Russia but is also appreciated by the inhabitants of Florence and Milan.
Fascinating and charming sea-side, where you can walk along the ancient pier about 300 meters long and observe the Apuan Alps where the prestigious marble is extracted. Forte dei Marmi is surrounded by bathing and high-quality commercial facilities , a city full of designer labels and prestigious shops. At the end of the month of August the folk feast of Sant'Ermete, which marks the end of the season.