Hotel Playa in Viareggio

A three star Hotel in Viareggio, 50 mt from the seaside Hotel in Versilia, facing the sea

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Viareggio is an elegant city that represents one of the most known location of Versilia Coast.

Viareggio is an important destination for international tourism. It's a nevralgic center of fun: it's the homeland of the carnival and a great center of night-life with fashionable pub and disco.

Night lights paint a bright and vivid landscape during the summer and foboulus sunset during the winter. Lights and colours enlight the famous promenade, location of meeting lied along the coast, rich of seaside resorts, shops and liberty buildings.

An enchanting place that for once a year is full of frantic carnival's colours with enormous allegoric floats of papier mache and night parties along the quarters of the city. Poetic, amusing, to be visited ... Viareggio!